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The Perfect Pair - Heimish's Bulgarian Rose Water Mist Serum & Hydrogel Eyepatches*

Now, as you may be able to recall, I have indeed done one of these posts before about a fresh herb toner and serum, however, I never thought to firstly answer the following, burning question: what actually is the definition of a perfect pair? What makes using two specific products together such an utter triumph?

Crushing on K-Beauty: TSW Matt Fit Lipstick Review & Swatches

Hey guys and welcome to this week's BRAND SPANKING NEW post which is, again, going to be all about lipstick. Yes, I know, I'm kind of establishing a pattern, but I've just been so obsessed with trying out new colours and formulas lately, so why not continue on and briefly walk you through some of the latest arrivals to my makeup collection, which are three of the TSW Matt Fit Lipsticks.

Lust for Lippies: The Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip Collection*

Yes, my Barbie dolls (and Ken dolls, obviously), welcome BACK to yet another one! I'm honestly so happy to be uploading in a more consistent manner again and today's post and feature products have my body shook to the core, as we're going to dip into to some serious lipstick porn. However, there'll be no need for parental advisory with this kind of porn, just a mug of tea/coffee and a major passion for liquid lipsticks - let's dive straight in!

Strobing Through Summer with Technic Cosmetics

As the weather is begins to get hotter (well, in most countries...) and the sun finally comes out to play, I, myself, think that a change of makeup routine is 100% appropriate - I simply cannot continue sticking to the same ritual that I follow during Winter and early Spring. 

Best of K-Beauty: Style Korean Haul (Volume 2)

Hey there beauties! I have something special for you today, which happens to be the much awaited and very late (so sorry) second volume of my Style Korean haul posts as a part of my 'Best of K-Beauty' series. 

EXCLUSIVE REVIEW ALERT: Labelle Makeup's "So Cheek" Highlighter and Blush Palette*

Hi there babes, I know it's been a while so I'd firstly like to apologise for my leave of absence (exam period has been absolutely CRAZY) - I honestly can't forgive myself for depriving you guys of your weekly makeup and skincare fix for so long! However, you'll be happy to hear that I'm back now and I won't be going ANYWHERE, so sit down and get comfy because we're coming back with a bang. And, by that, I mean some new, unreleased makeup (that's right - you'll see it here first!) from one of my favourite brands, as you may well know by now if you've read my haul and recent palette unboxing post from them, Labelle Makeup.